How To Stop The Ringing In Your Ears

Does tinnitus or ringing ears bother you? A ringing sound inside the ear or coming from inside the head is a sign of tinnitus and oftentimes could be a symptom of a problem far more serious.

It is said that everyone suffers from ringing in the ears at least once in their lives. This could happen after hearing a very loud noise, being exposed to constant loud noises, trauma to the ear or the head, or impaction on the ear canal and may also be caused by illnesses.

Dealing with tinnitus and using home treatments for ringing ears may sometimes work, but only for a short while. Tinnitus will eventually resurface unless you deal with the root cause of the problem.

Using home treatments are the most accessible and seen as the most practical way to deal with tinnitus, but do these home remedies actually work?

Start by learning why your ears ring

Here are some common home treatments for ringing ears that you can use now:

  • White noise machines and home appliances like radio, vacuums, televisions, and washing machine noises will work great in masking ringing in the ears, but will never help to remove tinnitus.

White noise only drowns ringing in the ears and other noises in the room, but the noises are there and the cause of the noise is also present.


  • Dealing with impaction in the ear could remove the ringing, but do it the right way. Using cotton tip applicators will only push the impaction towards the inner ear and may cause more serious problems.

The best way to deal with impacted objects in the ear is to consult an ENT specialist; suction is often applied to the ear to remove ear wax and foreign objects easily and safely.


  • Using ear drops and homeopathic remedies in the ear must be done carefully. Always consult your doctor before using any remedies, especially products that you just purchased over the counter or online.

Don’t be misled with the notion that natural ingredients are safe, remember to do research online to find out more about any product before using and talk to your doctor beforehand.


It’s also best to control your weight since increase in weight will only increase pressure on the smaller blood vessels of the body including the minute blood vessels of the ear. By maintaining your normal weight, you may also reduce the occurrence of some illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac problems.


  • Home treatments for ringing ears that deal with stress are some of the most effective ways to handle tinnitus. Stress reduction techniques like relaxation exercises, yoga, and breathing techniques need time to work and constant practice to ensure you are performing the technique properly.

By eliminating stress, you will eventually remove many symptoms of anxiety and stress, you will also be able to reduce tinnitus triggers that can help you deal with tinnitus symptoms once and for all.



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