Possible Natural Cures for Hearing Loss

hearing lossThe causes of hearing loss range from earwax buildup to problems in the nerves that transmit sound to the brain. The two most common among the causes are the hearing loss related to age and hearing loss due to induced noise. There is a corresponding treatment to every cause of hearing loss and it would require consultation to the doctor.


The Natural Cures for Hearing Loss


Experts evaluated two natural treatments trials (double-blind, placebo-controlled) in preventing or treating hearing loss.


Magnesium use to prevent noise-induced hearing loss


Prolonged exposure to essentially loud sounds (rock music, sound of gunfire) may be a cause of permanent hearing loss. According to a study, daily supplementation of magnesium has helped three hundred military recruits in protecting their ears against noise-induced damage. Although the dosage (167 milligrams) used in the study was little, the test revealed that such small amount is sufficient enough in raising the magnesium level inside the cells, which consequently protected the ears from being damaged. Comparing with those who do not have, the soldiers who had the magnesium has fewer chances of experiencing permanent hearing damage.


Ginkgo as Treatment for Sudden Hearing Loss


There is a sudden hearing loss condition called “unilateral idiopathic” where the person affected may experience sudden hearing loss, which usually occurs in one ear. The cause is not known, but problems related to circulation may be the reason in some cases. Several natural cures for hearing loss are available including an herb called ginkgo biloba that is known to increasing circulation, which is the reason it is used as trial treatment on hearing loss condition. A group of participants having problem with sudden hearing loss were provided with either low dose or full dose of ginkgo biloba. In the end of eight-week trial, researchers found that in both group most participants were able to recover.


Other Natural Cures for Hearing Loss


Accordingly, a study conducted in animals show that “lipoic acid” supplements may actually help in preventing age-related hearing loss. In another animal study, melatonin supplement may also help in preventing noise-induced loss of hearing.


The free radicals are known natural substances causing damage to various parts of our body, which includes the ear. On the other hand, antioxidants are substances helpful in fighting free radicals. These antioxidant supplements exhibit potentials to prevent many forms of hearing loss such as age-related and damaged hearing due to medications. The commonly used antioxidants are citrus bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, coenzyme Q, lycopene, lutein, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.


Other natural hearing loss cures that lack of relevant scientific support include manganese, folate, potassium, myrrh, zinc and vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12. These natural supplements may be essentially helpful in specific hearing loss condition.


In advocating natural cures, it is important to understand that these are mere supplements to the appropriate care that is provided by physician. They are never intended or implied as substitute for expert medical advice. Always opt in seeking the advice of physicians or qualified health providers before starting a new treatment or if you have some inquiries concerning your medical condition.

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